Best Countries For American Lawyers?

For many years, the United States (US) and Canada were in a virtual dead heat when it came to producing top-ranked lawyers. Nowadays, with US law schools seeing more Canadian graduates than ever before, that gap has narrowed substantially. Here is a look at the countries with the best legal education systems for Americans seeking admission into top law schools:

The Five Best Legal Education Systems for American Lawyers

Rank Country 1 Switzerland 2 Germany 3 New Zealand 4 Canada 5 Australia

Why Are These Countries so Good?

Quality of Law Schools: The most important criteria in determining which school to attend are quality and reputation. You can get an adequate training anywhere if you’re willing to put up with mediocre instructors and putrid libraries; however, students at world-class law schools have access to some of the leading scholars working on their respective areas of expertise from around the world. At such places, you will find more robust curricula covering all aspects of legal practice as well as postgraduate studies available on campus or through distance learning programs—and they charge far less! In fact, tuition fees for graduate degrees in some German universities are only slightly higher than those charged by state institutions in Michigan or Indiana!1 When compared to these less prestigious public institutions whose teaching staffs consist primarily of part-time adjunct professors who somehow manage never having been formally trained themselves—these elite colleges draw recruits from across Europe and North America alike because not only do they provide excellent training but

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