Best Cosumer Reviews For Disability Lawyers In Rochester Ny?

Have you ever hired a company to represent you in court? Do they work for free or do they cost, and what is the process like if you decide to hire them? -“I need help with disability law. I want to file a lawsuit but I don’t know where to start.”

How can i get my case moving forward with no money and an attorney who will not take one dime of my hard earned money without first compensating me for all hours we have already spent on this matter. i am an incapacitated veteran and was told by the VA that there are two things i must prove in order for them to pay us compensation, 1) My condition is service connected, 2) My disability rating is at least 50% disabled. What good does it do me now having been fighting this battle longer than anyone else because no attorney would even speak with us until after we paid thousands of dollars up front ??????? This whole thing started when my son shot himself while living in our care facility . We then went through alot of therapy sessions which were never recorded because ????….yes ?????????? The state has denied our claim twice within months ????? They said he died from natural causes despite everything being written down on paper by his doctor! So how could he die from natural causes when they say so many drugs were found in his system yet NO ONE saw him taking these drugs…NO ONE saw him shoot himself ….that’s right NONE ??? And since i am totally

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