Best Contries For Lawyers?

New Zealand and Austria. The reason is simple: they are really close to Germany, but not too close!

You’ve probably never heard of New Zealand, which is a country in the South Pacific Ocean. But it has one of the most pleasant climates in the world with low temperatures during winter and high temperatures during summertime. It also has super nice beaches and lots of places for hiking along with many other activities like diving or snorkeling. Another interesting fact about New Zealand is that its population consists mostly of people from England and Scotland (a little bit less than half). Also there’s no income tax in this country so if you do well financially here you can save some money for your family back home!

Austria may be a small nation next to Germany with only 8 million inhabitants, but it definitely deserves more attention these days due to how successful their economy has been lately after years where everybody was saying “OMG Austrians are crazy because they burn all their trash instead of paying taxes on it… It would be bad if everyone did that!!” Nowadays Austrians have become very friendly towards foreigners again despite being known as mysterious creatures since medieval times! The main reason people think Austrians are strange? They file lawsuits against each other over things like parking spaces or claiming someone else stole something from them long ago… I don’t know what happened at Austrian schools these last 50 years…but everything seems okay now 🙂 Just wait until

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