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The fourth edition of this book was written, edited and published by the author. The previous editions were also edited and produced by the author. All material has been checked for accuracy at least three times, but is subject to change without notice based on legal developments or technical advances that affect the publishing of this material. The publisher disclaims any warranties with regard to this material other than those implied in section 13 of the 1976 United States Copyright Act or given herein.



Introduction; How This Book Is Organized; Who Can Benefit From Using It?; Why Do I Need This Book?; Useful Resources; Notes On Language And Style.; What You Will Find Inside: An Overview Of Key Issues In Legal Research & Writing.; Terms To Know.. Terms That Are Used By Lawyers And Their Clients But Which Most People Have Trouble Understanding., How To Get Ready For Legal Research & Writing Class., Basic Tips For Effective Studying., Here’s A Short List Of Things You Should Learn Before Taking Any Law School Course That Includes “Legal Research & Writing” As Part Of Its Core Curriculum.; Helpful Hints When Conducting Your First Search On Google Or Other Search Engines.; Finding Sources Through LexisNexis®.(Note: Some LexisNexis® Content Has Been Removed Because There Is No Longer Necessary.) ; Basic Guidelines For Making Select

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