Best Community College For Future Lawyers?

This is a tough question. The thing to remember about being an attorney is that you spend most of your life sitting in courtrooms, explaining things to judges and juries. But if you are interested in pursuing the legal profession, attending law school will be one of the most important decisions you ever make. There are many different factors that go into making this decision—your grades, the prestige of your chosen school, location…the list can go on. After much debate between my parents and myself I decided on Lincoln University School of Law (LUSOL). LUSOL was ranked No. 2 by U.S News & World Report for Best Community Colleges for future lawyers; it also happens to be located right here in Stroudsburg!

I had always heard great things about LUSOL but never visited campus until after graduation day (or “graduation day” as they call it at LUSOL) where everyone present received their diploma from President Joe Dessauer who presented me with mine! Here is what some people said about my education: “Alexis chose well when she chose her law school; there’s no more satisfying way to learn than by doing so under these professors’ very watchful eyes” –Paige Schroeder ‘18 My professors were all highly rated experts on their respective fields—they worked tirelessly throughout each class period so we could learn at our own pace while still getting excellent quality instruction from them every single time we walked

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