Best Colleges In Mexico For Lawyers?

Is it necessary to study law in college? It seems like a lot of people go to law school and don’t pass the bar exam. Where do you think one should get their legal degree from so they can be licensed as a lawyer? Where is the best place in Mexico for an aspiring lawyer to attend school and receive his or her law degree?”I am trying to decide if I want my son, age 18, to attend community college for two years before he attends four year university (two years each). Or would attending 4-year university be better than attending 2-year private colleges (for example: UT Rio Grande Valley)?””How much does public K – 12 education cost per pupil/student; we live in Guadalajara.””We are looking at homes within 25 minutes of campus.””What kind of degrees can one get after studying Engineering at UPRM? “””Do any universities offer International Student Visa program for American Students?”

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