Best Colleges For Lawyers To Be?

The following was also in the email:

“The top private law schools, according to U.S. News and World Report rankings, are Stanford University (5th), Harvard Law School (7th) Yale University (9th), University of Chicago Law School (10th), Columbia Law School (11th) and New York University School of Law (13). At public law schools, the best-ranked institutions are Cornell College of Law at No. 1; Boston College at No. 2; Brooklyn College at No. 3; Georgetown University at No. 4; Fordham University at No 5 & Yeshiva University’s Benjamin N Cardozo School of Law shared fifth place with UCLA for being one of only eight law schools to rank in the “top 25 percent” by peer assessment within their respective fields by a national survey conducted among academics from more than 400 accredited programs nationwide… In addition to these rankings, every individual on the hiring committee was asked if they had any other specific criteria that they would consider when making recommendations for admission based on this information or any additional factors that might be important to them as faculty members.. . If you have a question about your application not listed above please contact us directly through our website & we will do our best to assist you., ” [emphasis added]. Can anyone guess what is going on here? Is the issue entirely about hard work? It seems so but I don’t think it really is because while some people may

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