Best College For Lawyers St Louis?

There were a number of colleges and universities that we could consider for this list. We wanted to find the best one that would provide both legal and non-legal benefits to students, but our research led us toward William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota. There are so many factors to take into consideration when choosing a college or university: class size, affiliation with law firms/government agencies, location (near family), cost (tuition) and more. But there were two things about this school that stood out before we even started looking at anything else: its strong reputation as an excellent school with high rates of employment for graduates – not just lawyers – after graduation; and its relatively low price tag ($10k per year). Not only is it the least expensive four-year law degree program in the nation ($120k vs $140k for Harvard), but it also has a great mix of practical courses designed to prepare students for real world situations where they will apply their new knowledge immediately after they graduate from law school rather than spending years studying on some other campus before entering practice. In addition to all those aforementioned benefits, another fantastic thing about this college is…its location! It’s nestled between downtown Minneapolis & St Paul along beautiful Lake Calhoun on Minnesota’s east side which makes it easy access from anywhere!

How much does a bachelors degree cost?

The tuition at William Mitchell College is very reasonable compared to most schools offering

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