Best Collages Or Universites For Lawyers In Califonia?

What is your favorite? What’s missing? Is there a website that I can use to send in my work for publication/critique/etc.? Thanks!

Here are some ideas:

This site is pretty cool and has elements of the collage approach, but it’s more about creating visual histories of slavery and its effects on America than anything else. They also have a lot of multimedia resources, including an online gallery and forums where people can discuss this topic with each other.

This site will definitely help you learn what to do with images you find at flea markets or thrift stores, as well as how to apply them into different formats (iPad cases anyone?). You’ll love this one if you’re really into working with images from the past–the curator explains her process here so you can see exactly how she goes about mixing old photos with modern graphics for new works…it’s beautiful stuff!

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