Best Cloud Trust Accounting For Lawyers?

The answer, according to the company’s CFO, is no. The real estate industry has yet to embrace cloud computing in a meaningful way for lawyers. That may be because of the current state of technology and the legal profession’s reputation for being slow to adopt new things or change its ways. Or it could simply be that many firms still use their own accounting systems—unlike most other industries where big-name companies like Intuit (INTU) and Sage (SGE) offer powerful ones that can process transactions on thousands of computers at once.

But while there are some signs that bigger law firms are starting to think about using cloud services, even these early adopters aren’t rushing into them en masse just yet, says John Hurst, general manager for emerging technologies at Baker Donelson Ketchum LLP in Birmingham, Alabama. “Until we see more people adopting [cloud accounting], it will not affect us much beyond our internal operations but also clients experiencing issues with performance when they go through our system,” he said in an interview with LawNewsReview during this week’s ABA Annual Meeting. “I don’t know if I could say whether 2010 will be any different than 2009.”

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