Best Cloud Storage Service For Lawyers?

We’ve collected some of the top cloud storage solutions for lawyers. We found that four out of five lawyers are using Google Drive, but there are several other options including Dropbox, Box and Microsoft OneDrive. Which option is best? Keep reading to find out more about each solution before you decide which one is best for your business needs!

Google Drive offers a free tier with 15 GB storage space for up to 25 users. For $0.99 per month you can increase this up to 100GB or 1TB depending on if your law firm has multiple offices or not (a single office would only need the cheaper monthly plan). You can also purchase additional storage space through “storage packs” which range from $1 per month for 500 GB of extra data to $10/month unlimited amounts of online file sharing, managing documents in real time and having access 24×7 through flash drives or mobile devices with Android OS 4+. If you want even more control over how your files are stored then you will have access to an entire suite of tools including user management, document versioning and metadata tagging as well as remote wipe capabilities so that clients cannot recover accidentally deleted files. This makes it ideal for teams who work collaboratively within a legal department where all members may be working on different projects at any given time with no way to save their changes back into one specific shared folder location like Outlook folders do under Windows operating systems (unless they use terabyte-sized hard drives which

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