Best Cloud Storage For Lawyers Solo Practice?

The best cloud storage for lawyers in solo practice can be found in the form of Dropbox. Not only is it affordable, but with its free 2GB plan, you won’t feel like you’re giving away too much when you use this service. Your files are secure with Dropbox; however, there are certain limitations to what is available through this site. This limits how much information can be shared about your case or client due to security concerns and HIPAA laws (healthcare). However, if you want peace of mind when it comes to sharing data with clients via email or other digital mediums that aren’t connected directly with Dropbox then continue reading below!

Is the best cloud storage for lawyers an online document management system? I have heard many people recommend using something like Google Docs because they offer a free version of their product which allow users up to 10GB worth of space per user on google drive for 6 months. Or maybe even Microsoft Office 365 or OneDrive depending on how large your firm needs the capabilities labeled as “One Drive For Business” offered by these services say 1TB per each team member per month if they also need access to file sharing software within their organization (*be careful here). But let me warn you: While all these services do not require a monthly subscription fee and provide a ton more features than just basic file storing abilities alone I would still advise against them unless your firm needs some extra features beyond simple file storage such as

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