Best Classics For Lawyers?

Meyer: I’m a big fan of the Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes where Larry David, who is a brilliant comedian, plays a lawyer. He had this brilliant line he said to his lawyer on an occasion when his lawyers came up with some ludicrous idea for him after years and years of litigation—which was also funny at the time because it seemed incredible—he says, “Okay guys. Let’s get back to work!” That really resonated with me as someone who thinks that we have no choice but to keep going even in bad times if we want justice done. There are some great trials, some great criminal cases throughout history which were won by people just taking on these colossal legal teams and winning their case despite all odds against them. That is very inspiring. So I am always looking for those kinds of stories from history or from my own experience or from other places around the world trying to find examples where you can do it without being cynical about what you are doing and still win your case eventually.

Lawyer 2 Lawyer: What does your typical day look like?

Meyer: On any given week day there is usually only one thing that occupies me entirely; however sometimes two things might be equally important in order to achieve something else that is more important than anything else: discovery (getting information into evidence) and then trial preparation (the task of making sure everyone knows what they need to know; preparing

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