Best Classes To Take For Employment Lawyers?

It depends who you ask. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, law school graduates with a JD have an average starting salary of $107,000. According to PayScale data, recent law grads find jobs more quickly than graduates from any other discipline: Their median salaries are $88,000.

That puts them at No. 4 among all undergraduate majors behind business administration (No. 1), nursing (No 2) and engineering (No 3). Law also ranks as one of the most lucrative careers for women: Of those women who took their first job after graduation, 46% were hired by big firms; 44% worked in small-firm settings; 11%, on government jobs; 7%, in academia; and 5%, on nonprofit or public service positions like City Council or legislative offices — all fields where they make less money than men do on average but comparable to what female MBAs earn today ($60K per year less versus males’ current median pay upon entry into that sector). And 20 years from now? Incoming lawyers may be better off still if they’re getting a PhD instead of an MBA because it’s associated with even higher earnings growth within three years of graduation (+$20K vs +$18K today).

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