Best Civil Lawyers For Real Estate Bay Area?

I have a friend who is in hot water with the law. He has been accused of stealing from his clients and also from his home town where he was mayor. It appears to be true because last week when delivering food to an elderly woman in her house, he found key openers for her front door missing and the locks were changed on both doors. The lady came out onto her porch to talk with him about it but then quickly went back inside. I think all this happened while she was sick in bed or something like that anyway? She didn’t seem happy at all when she finally did come outside again and began arguing with my friend in front of me! So we walked away thinking everything would be alright once they got inside so we could get our lunch delivered without any problems… When we left, there were officers standing out side under police tape reading their notes before going into the house! They took pictures too… They said they had received a complaint for suspicious activity here at this address! My friends name does not even appear on the deed or mortgage paperwork for this property yet? Is something fishy going on here? Any suggestions as far as someone needing good civil lawyers up north before anyone gets hurt legally!?

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