Best Cities To Live For Lawyers?

How lawyers in the top cities stack up against each other when it comes to wages, job opportunities and work-life balance.

In 2013 I wrote a post entitled The Best Cities for Lawyers based on data from salary research firm PayScale[1]. In that post I used data from 2010 but I’ve updated the numbers since then because they are still relevant. For example, in 2014 San Francisco had a median income of $105,918 while Cincinnati was at $102,000.[2] While these two might not seem like very big differences they add up quickly when you consider that there were 208 more people living in San Francisco than in Cincinnati who made over six figures! So if you live somewhere else and want to move within the Bay Area it would be worthwhile to check out the salaries available before making your decision. If you have been thinking about moving south or west you wouldn’t want your paycheck being held back by less expensive markets so look into these numbers carefully.

I ran a quick update of this list using numbers from PayScale again just now because I wanted to see how things have changed since last year. While there wasn’t much movement overall changes between some cities did happen nonetheless: New York City jumped 13 spots going from #4 place (with an average salary of $101,142) all the way down to #5 (average pay is now $103,308). Los Angeles moved 11 places taking its position as #6

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