Best Cities For Young Lawyers 2017?

The challenge of finding a great place to live is one that most young lawyers face every day. New York, Chicago and DC are all highly ranked cities for employment opportunities in the legal field, but which city has the best job prospects for recent law school graduates?

The American Bar Association (ABA) published its annual list of Best Cities for Young Lawyers 2017. The ABA asked 2,500 newly minted attorneys about their experiences with relocation since graduating from law school in spring 2016. To be included on this year’s list, each city had to have fewer than 20% unemployed lawyers under age 35 who were looking for full-time positions.

When it comes to moving away from home to start your career as an attorney in another state or country, many lawyers choose to move closer to family or friends who can help them find jobs and navigate life at new locations. If you’re considering relocating out of state after finishing law school in order to get ahead before establishing roots back home, these rankings might serve as helpful guidance when making your decision:

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