Best Cities For Tax Lawyers?

If you want to practice tax law, there are a number of cities in the United States that offer good job prospects and solid salaries. Some of these best cities for tax lawyers include:

New York City – The Big Apple has been called “the city that never sleeps” due to its diverse culture and numerous attractions. New York is also home to the country’s largest concentration of taxes lawyers, with an estimated 1,500 practicing attorneys in NYC alone. In addition, the average salary for a lawyer working in this area is $150k/year (according to PayScale). Philadelphia – Although not as populous as other cities on this list, Philadelphia still offers plenty of opportunities for those seeking work within the legal field. Many people prefer working here because it provides access to several universities including Drexel University School of Law where students can earn their JD degree while continuing their careers post-graduation. Chicago – Although known more widely for its sports teams than work opportunities tied directly into taxes or accounting practices, Chicago still offers many benefits from being part owner(s) in one of America’s top 100 companies by revenue: McDonald’s Corporation Inc., according to Forbes Magazine . This outlet relies heavily on fast food restaurants across Illinois , Indiana , Iowa , Michigan , Nebraska , Ohio & Wisconsin . Taxpayers have also benefited from being underwritten by businesses such as Abbott Laboratories and Walmart Stores which operate out West . To break into this market requires additional training at

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