Best Cities For New Lawyers?

East Coast cities, particularly those on the East Coast of the United States. The cost of living is high enough to discourage new lawyers from coming here instead of some other city, but it’s relatively low enough for us to be able to afford a place that’s more than adequate if we want it. I don’t know how many attorneys are in Boston or New York City who would rather live somewhere else—I can certainly understand why they wouldn’t come, especially with the high costs at home—but there are plenty of places like this one where most people could afford rent and still have money left over so they could put down roots. Most importantly, though, there tend not to be as many good schools nearby if you choose one outside the major cities; so my wife and I aren’t really interested in moving out just because we want our kids near great schools.

What do you expect your young clients will say about their futures?

They won’t necessarily ask me these questions right away; that will take time for them to realize what is possible for themselves after law school. They probably won’t even start thinking about this until close to their second year (if at all), when they start doing research on which firms will hire them now versus later (when they might make partner). But once they figure out what kinds of opportunities exist with different firms (and copious amounts of data becomes available online), then

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