Best Cities For Lawyers In Virginia?

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1. Richmond, Virginia: Richmond is a city located in the Commonwealth of Virginia and is a part of Henrico County. It was incorporated on 8 November 1742, as one of the original eight shires formed in colonial Virginia by order of King George II. 2. Alexandria, Virginia: Founded in 1611 by an Act of the Rump Parliament for religious freedom and named after Princess Alexandra Charlotte Augusta Frederica Louise Amelia Wettin (Alexandrina), it served as the capital from 1788 to 1846 when it became one of the original thirteen states with ratification following its admission to statehood in 1847; however, it remained both political and legal center until 1870 when this role shifted southward to Richmond 3. Lynchburg, Virgina: This town dates back to pre-colonial days when Captain John Smith established military outpost there during his explorations into Pamlico Sound 4. Norfolk ,Virginia: founded prior 5 years ago

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