Best Cities For Lawyers 2015?

Not only are the costs of living relatively high, but both Chicago and San Francisco have very high taxation rates. For lawyers who stay in either city for a substantial period of time, it is not uncommon to see their salaries grow exponentially over the course of their careers. The benefit of paying so much tax is that you can avoid higher taxes elsewhere in the country by relocating to one these cities.

How do I become a lawyer?

If you plan on becoming a licensed attorney in Illinois or California, then there are several steps that need to be taken before applying for your license. First off, you will need to enroll with an accredited law school which offer legal clinicships during summer months where students participate as assistants under attorneys working at local firms. It’s important that prospective clients know what they’re getting themselves into when hiring new associates because many times they don’t expect them to practice law full-time once they finish college (at least not right away). If you feel like this might be something worth pursuing after graduation, make sure you ask about making some connections within the firm during these clinic days because most employers love having recent graduates come work for them part-time while earning potential future income if given enough experience and mentorship from senior attorneys.

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