Best Cities For Healthcare Lawyers?

These are the top cities for healthcare lawyers in 2018 according to the latest research from online real estate brokerage company PropertyRadar.

PropertyRadar analysed data on property prices, employment rates by profession and unemployment rates to provide its list of 70 best cities for healthcare lawyers in 2018. The findings reveal that these are some of the fastest-growing metros across Australia, with property values rising at an average rate of 8% per annum over the last five years. This growth has helped drive a 2% increase in median house prices over this period, with households paying $306 000 on average for their homes compared to $287 000 five years ago. Unemployment is lower than other industries within health care (6%) but falls short of construction (at 2%), finance (3%) and IT (5%). Melbourne tops our ranking because it offers high salaries, low unemployment rates among professional tradespeople, strong economic growth and well-performing residential market conditions; all factors which make it attractive to prospective employers. Population density is also comparatively high (+0.88 persons per hectare), helping bump up housing costs slightly when compared with other professions listed here (-2%). However there’s still plenty of scope for young professionals looking to start their careers or relocate who can find affordable properties within reach; many suburbs listed here offer houses starting at around $300k while apartments go as little as $230k meaning renters should feel confident about finding quality accommodation without breaking the bank. Of course you need not

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