Best Cities For Copyright Lawyers?

(Image: © Imgur)

1. New York City, NY

For the past decade, New York City has been crowned America’s top legal market by The National Law Journal (NLJ). And with its high concentration of law schools and well-heeled practice areas like intellectual property (IP), commercial litigation and entertainment/media defense, this title is hard to dispute. But what makes it unique in this class? For starters, IP attorneys here hold more patents than lawyers anywhere else in the country. That said, they also pay up to $250 an hour for their services — a hefty sum that could be prohibitive for many small businesses who lack the cash flow or lawyerly nous to afford such fees. On top of all that though there are generous tax incentives too; last year alone NYC was awarded $2 billion in grants from both Uncle Sam and private foundations. Needless to say when you factor in these conflicting factors it’s no wonder why so many big firms have set up shop here!

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