Best Cities For Business Lawyers?

” As mentioned above, the legal job market is uncertain, but there are some positive signs. The top five cities with the highest demand for business law jobs were all in California: Los Angeles (222% growth in 2012), San Francisco (150%), San Jose (148%), Oakland (124%) and Irvine (123%).

The salary data collected by Payscale certainly suggests that the financial rewards of becoming a lawyer are worth it when compared to other professions. On average, lawyers earn $87 per hour on average—and since they tend to work long hours most often for large firms, their hourly pay varies greatly depending on whether they’re part of a bigger firm or an individual attorney at a smaller firm. For example, solo practitioners can make anywhere from $57 per hour to over $190 an hour based on location and experience level—but if you’ve got seniority at your current employer or have recently left one because you chose not to join another larger firm after getting out of school—you may already be earning more than this figure shows!

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