Best Christmas Card For Lawyers?

A Christmas card for lawyers? That is a great idea! I have one friend who sends me such cards. A few years ago, he sent me a Christmas card that said something like: “I wish you all the joy and good health you deserve. May your law firm grow as fast as your talent.” Or maybe it was some subtle variation on those lines. But at least I knew what this guy’s view of my profession was: He thought we were nuts and he had no time for us–which is probably accurate since his own career path has included lots of legal issues but precious little opportunity to interact with other attorneys on any kind of professional basis.

Anyway, our relationship pretty much ended there because we just didn’t get along, even though we share the same philosophy about practicing law (firm-based versus solo). So now I’m not sure if I should write him back and ask why he doesn’t think lawyers are happy or whether it would be too weird to send him another card saying how great life in practice can be if only someone could introduce him to some really nice people (i.e., other attorneys).

Any thoughts?

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