Best Child Support Lawyers For Fathers In Illinois?

at this time, there are no us based child support lawyers in illinois. however, you could seek the services of a lawyer in your state or province that have experience with child support matters. if you need help finding a local family law attorney near you, try searching for “illinois family law attorneys” at

i’m not paying child support because my ex-wife lives overseas and i can’t get her to return to our home state of oregon where she has never lived before! why doesn’t my csa stop?

the court stops issuing orders after 6 months when it is determined by the judge that there has been no contact between parents since their last order was entered.

how do i know what amount i should be making every month/week/day? what are good resources for calculating how much money it costs me to raise one kid? whats an average monthly cost per kid (not including expenses like food stamps)? how do i calculate how much tax will go towards raising them while they’re still here over their entire lifetime? is there any way within california’s system to reduce this number significantly without having to sell everything I own and move away from friends/family so I won’t see them anymore? does anyone know whether or not people who live outside usa let other countries bully their children into living here against their will just so they can collect more cash through welfare & social security benefits than if they lived here legally on visas

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