Best Child Custody Lawyers For Fathers?

In a word, yes. We’re the only law firm in Dallas that has been named by U.S. News and World Report as “Best Law Firm for Fathers” on a national level on more than one occasion! As a result, we have an excellent reputation with fathers’ rights advocates throughout North Texas and across the nation who turn to us when they need legal assistance related to the family courts of the United States District Court for The Northern District of Texas (Nasdaq: DFW). As you probably already know, this court hears matters relating to child custody disputes involving parents or grandparents who are married or living together prior to divorce or annulment proceedings initiated by either spouse after separation from his/her spouse.

What can I expect regarding my case?

When our attorneys handle your case personally – whether it’s because you’re unrepresented in court at first appearance, or facing trial-level issues such as violation of probation due to noncompliance with child support obligations – we will strive diligently for 100 percent representation at all stages of your case; including pre-trial motions hearings, jury selection process and trial itself if necessary! We will also make sure that there is no conflict between our client’s interests versus those opposing counsel may represent; which could prevent us from achieving optimal results during pretrial proceedings where discovery occurs. Furthermore, our team is comprised entirely of local residents who understand the region; its people and culture; therefore making it easier for us to relate directly with

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