Best Child Custody Lawyers For Father In San Diego? San Diego Domestic Violence Lawyer – Fathers4Justice is a California based non profit organization that serves to help men get custody of their children in family court and domestic violence cases. We also assist fathers with criminal charges, child support collection issues and other legal matters in the state of California.
Virtual father’s rights lawyer [url=]virtual father’s rights attorney[/l… 33 answers | 10151 views CA Child Custody Questions? (San Diego) … 2 answers I’m trying to find out if there are any lawyers that specialize in divorce law or custody cases for children age 0 3 years old.? My husband has not been home for months now because he can’t afford his car payment so we cannot move with him and my daughter which is only six months old.. The reason why we went through all this trouble was because his ex wife lied on him about having an affair when she cheated on him while they were still together…. Read more . 1 answer Last reply Sep 10, 2011 More about CA child custody questions No one seems to know anything! It makes me want to ask everyone who reads my question ! Does anyone know how much it costs or what you do pay ?

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