Best Chat Service For Lawyers?

As a lawyer, you need to be able to communicate clearly and quickly with your clients and other lawyers. You need your team of dedicated staff members who can answer questions and take calls at all hours. The last thing you want is someone else logging into Skype or goofing off on Facebook while they’re supposed to be taking care of business for their client. We know how important it is that your employees are properly trained, so we offer real-time training options so that every employee understands the basics of the service before they start using it.

How many people can use customer chat?

You choose how many users get access to our professional customer service system: 2 simultaneous customers (one per screen), 4 simultaneous customers (2 per screen), or unlimited simultaneous customers (all screens). With unlimited simultaneous users, each user gets his own private room where he won’t see anyone else’s name in the room list until he logs in himself. At this point, we send him an email notification telling him which number handles his case; when he calls one of those numbers from another phone line or computer device, our support agents will pick up right away on whichever phone lines are available at the time — even if nobody has logged onto any particular session yet! So no matter what kind of schedule you have going on at work today — whether Saturdays only or 9-to-5 every day — everyone gets 24/7 access with!

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