Best Chairs For Lawyers?

Chairman of the US House Judiciary Committee, Representative Jerry Nadler, has pledged to investigate any interference by the Trump campaign in the federal Russia probe. Mr. Nadler said that ‘if there are contacts between people who have been involved in this investigation or planning for it and people connected with Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign…then we need to find out’ what happened.’

Mr Nadler is proposing an independent commission to investigate ties between President Trump’s associates and Russia Federation while Representative Elijah Cummings has also hinted at hearings into alleged collusion between Russian officials and members of Mr. Trump’s inner circle during 2016 elections.” (New York Times 7/27/17)

Trump Jr was asked about his involvement with Paul Manafort months before election – NYT: “When did you first hear from them? Last spring around April-May time frame?” Son replied: “That I don’t recall” — Maggie Haberman (@maggieNYT) August 1, 2017 New York Times reporters pinged Don Jr May 21, 2017 asking him when he first heard about a meeting involving Russians offering dirt on Hillary Clinton; son responded via text message that he had no idea; then NYT revealed June 8th email exchange among three top tier advisers where they discussed setting up such a meeting—with none having told dad (Byron Tau 6/8/”The

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