Best Certifications For Privacy Lawyers?

The number of privacy certifications is growing at a rapid rate. The largest and most well-known certification programs are those from the American Bar Association (ABA) and the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). In addition to these two major organizations, there are now dozens of other recognized third-party entities that offer certificates for the use or practice of privacy law as a specialty area.

Who should choose between ABA & IAPP? What’s their difference? Is it important to go through both programs before choosing one?

Both ABA and IAPP have extensive reputations for providing high quality education in their respective areas. Both hold significant numbers of members with various types of expertise in all aspects related to legal ethics, professional responsibility, business operations, government regulation requirements, technology compliance/security issues and many more areas within information security. When comparing the offerings from each program you will find differences which include: jurisdiction where membership is based; scope versus depth level; cost range vs. fee structure; length versus breadth level; exam format being offered by either organization including computer assisted testing methods used – paper test vs.; multiple choice tests – online test – etc.? There may be other factors that might influence your decision such as price point relative to qualification levels or type(s) needed for career advancement – but rest assured we can provide an overview about these differences below:

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