Best Cell Phone For Solo Lawyers?

No, it’s not on sale at Wal-Mart or Best Buy. The best cell phone for solo lawyers is the one that fits into your pocket and still allows you to make a call when you need one.

A little more than two years ago I became a “single” attorney: no more partnership, no more spouse—just me and my iPhone. My wife had given up her BlackBerry but I needed mine because of all the important people who expect constant contact with me while they are in court (on hold) or during meetings (taking notes). My own lifestyle didn’t change much since we were married; I just took fewer personal calls then and was able to get back to them later if necessary. Anyway, after using my iPhone exclusively for about six months, here are some observations that might be helpful if you too want a single lawyer phone:• It works with many different kinds of wireless networks in the United States and abroad—so even when your buddy is missing from his hotel room in London he can still text you with an international plan message instead of going out on another bender after losing track of time during trial preparation…and thus saving both money and sanity!

• It has many ways for managing incoming messages such as allowing attachments only from certain email addresses, sending selected images without opening them right away so their content can be reviewed later, storing voicemail messages offline so you don’t have to listen again

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