Best Case Management Software For Immigration Lawyers?

The best case management software for immigration lawyers will allow you to create a customized plan that addresses each of the needs of your clients. It is designed to be intuitive, easy-to-use and includes features that are necessary for helping you manage all aspects of your cases. The best case management software can also help streamline administrative tasks within your practice by allowing you to keep track of court calendars, appointments with various government agencies including USCIS and ICE , transfer requests, payment schedules and reminders about upcoming deadlines.

Which kind of data should I collect on my clients?

A variety or information can be collected on your clients depending on how they fit into the scope outlined above: For example, if an individual has been granted asylum status but their spouse has not yet received his/her green card then this would fall under the category of “Family” which does not require any additional documentation than is already required by the government when filing Form I-826 Petition Under Section 216(e) Of The Immigration And Nationality Act (I-864). On the other hand, if someone applied for adjustment of status through family reunification but has not yet completed his or her Form I-485 Permanent Residence Card application then this falls under ‘Work’ documents which do require certain supporting documentation such as income tax returns at time filed in support with each request.

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