Best Case Brief For Lawyers?

A: The best case brief for lawyers is a very short argument that justifies the client’s position, based on a good understanding of law and facts. Then it can be used as a persuasive tool to encourage judges to decide in favor of the client. It has no other purpose.

Q: What do you think about oral arguments?

A: Oral arguments are not interesting because they have no real content or meaning whatsoever. In my opinion, oral arguments should be abolished altogether from any court system by all means possible. It is even more absurd when judges conduct them themselves with only one speaker at each table instead of having three (or four) speakers (who would speak simultaneously). There is also another problem: All cases must end with an oral argument; however there is nothing that prevents plaintiffs from filing new lawsuits while waiting for verdicts rendered in earlier cases; thus we end up wasting our time and money fighting against ourselves! That’s why I believe such useless practice should be banned immediately!

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