Best Cars For Lawyers?

Bigger is better, right? Well, maybe not. In fact, the more powerful a car’s engine and suspension are – or even its acceleration – the less it is likely to be used by lawyers.

Consider the BMW 3 Series sedan – a large family-sized luxury sedan costing between $40,000 and $60,000 with a starting price of around $39k. Somebody might choose this car because they’re thinking about buying their first home or want something that comes with lots of bells and whistles like automatic parking sensors or heated seats for those chilly winter days in Chicago (and probably other cities as well). However, most people who own one find themselves driving it mostly as an everyday commuter rather than getting out on many road trips where speed wouldn’t matter much anyway. This makes sense considering how fast you can get from point A to B using public transportation would usually go farther at a lower cost than going somewhere far off again on your personal vehicle…especially if you have to return home without gasoline money left in your pocket! We don’t know what kind of lawyer owns such cars but we’re guessing they’re not very good at their jobs! Maybe they just had too much fun last night? Who knows? Whatever may be true though – what we do know for sure is that these types of cars aren’t typically found parked outside high-priced law firms’ offices either so we’d say this particular load didn’t need any extra horsepower whatsoever during

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