Best Careers For Lawyers With Liberal Arts Degrees?

After all, they don’t do the kind of legal work that requires law school.

The answer to this question comes from a recent study at Columbia Law School called “Career Choices for Liberal Arts Majors in Legal Careers.” The research by Professor Ananya Roy and her team found that many lawyers who received liberal arts degrees did not go into traditional areas like labor or corporate law but instead went into areas where their liberal arts background was helpful (or even demanded). Their career choices include: environmental law; civil rights; government regulation; patent prosecution; consumer protection; international trade compliance; nonprofit leadership and management, among other things.

As you can imagine, these are very different careers than one might expect to find in the working world of today because most people think of lawyers as representing individual clients in court every day while perhaps adding an occasional pro bono case here or there on behalf of social justice movements or animals suffering under factory farms or immigrant rights groups. But it turns out that not only does almost no one go directly into private practice after graduating from law school but also there are far more options outside of private practice for well-educated non-lawyers with liberal arts majors. So let me break down some examples below so you can see what I mean when I say these jobs require a good mind AND artistic skills…though if you want to be lazy about it, just look at which ones have pictures!**

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