Best Careers For Ex Lawyers?

A: You’re going to have to decide what you want out of a law firm. If this is your dream, then I could think of worse places to work. The money isn’t even that bad if you work for these traditional large firms. But there’s no way I’d do criminal defense at one of those places because it would be so cutthroat and so much backstabbing and all sorts of things like that. It’s just not the kind of thing where people should ever get really close friends or go on vacation with other people from law firms because it will never end well.

Q: Do you have any particular advice for students who want a job in private practice? Is it better to go into public interest areas first? What about starting as a lawyer at a corporation? How long does taking the bar exam take now compared with the past? Are the tests harder than they used to be? Can students do better studying online before sitting down for an actual test instead of waiting until after their third year in school (the deadline)? And how early can someone start looking toward practicing law after college graduation without having taken the bar exam yet — say, two years before Graduation Day — and still hope to pass when Law School Admissions Test scores are released later this month (June 15th.) A: At least one bright spot is that most employers don’t care that much about LSAT score or GPA numbers anymore; they seem more interested in finding candidates who demonstrate

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