Best Career Options For Foreign Lawyers In Us?

The number of authorized lawyers in the us has increased by 10% since 2009. That’s a big increase, but it still leaves plenty of room for foreign applicants to move up the ladder here. The average law firm size is about 400 employees, so there are many opportunities for foreigners to make impressive contacts and impress their supervisors with their work ethic and professionalism.

5) What kinds of positions do I want? How can I get them?

As you might expect from an industry as competitive as US corporate law, job titles vary widely depending on your area of practice; some offer little more than grunt labor while others offer directorship or partnership positions that require hours upon hours of personal interaction with clients (think: managing partner). There also seem to be more international opportunities available now than ever before. If you enjoy working directly with clients and need specific language skills, then chances are good that you can find something within your area of interest – even if it means having to relocate yourself!

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