Best Career For Foreign Lawyers In Usa?

The foreign lawyer who has established himself in the united states and is now ready to seek admission to us citizenship should send his application for naturalization. The foreigner, who wishes to become a citizen of our country should submit his application for naturalization not later than two years after he has been lawfully admitted to the us as a permanent resident. It must be noted that it is essential for every alien seeking citizenship in america and over and above fulfilling all other requirements, such as age requirement or time restriction along with attaining physical presence outside the u s, etc.. To get approved by immigration authorities you need strong evidence too i would recommend reading some official documents from family members & friends back home .So this article will help foreigners on how they can easily get citizenship through marriage 1) if your employer hires you , then your spouse may apply directly but if he already holds green card then conditional residence status which allows immediate eligibility for adjustment under section 213(c) .SO YOU WILL NEED DOCUMENT OF YOUR SPOUSE HOMELESS WITHOUT WORKING CONDITIONS ESPECIALLY IF HE/SHE IS FROM IRAN OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT THEY CAN FIND A MILLION DOLLAR JOB IN AMERICA !!! 2). what are ways open up work visa without high school education? 3).can an indian woman marry US citizen even though she does not have valid visa ? 4)if I am married with US Citizen but my husband is working abroad can I

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