Best Car For Lawyers?

I’ll tell you right now: the most powerful, fastest and coolest ride in the world is not a Ferrari or Lamborghini. It’s a Honda Odyssey – and it has everything I need – plus more! – to drive me through life with my family.

My wife and I got married ten years ago and we’ve been adjusting our budget for kids ever since. We considered buying an expensive sports car but we didn’t want to take out a second mortgage on our house to make that happen. Then I saw this red Odyssey at the local dealership . . . The salesman wasn’t very friendly but he answered all of my questions about features, mileage, etc., without trying too hard for his commission check. He was calm even when he showed me how much better this van was compared to other models that were not “off-lease” or lease-to-own models (which offer lower monthly payments). When he walked away from us after explaining all of its bells & whistles, I knew there would be no problem making up my mind after looking over it alone at home later that day… No wonder they had so many customers waiting outside before 1pm!

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