Best California Counties For Lawyers?

There’s a reason why most successful attorneys live in California. For one thing, it has the highest population of lawyers per capita—a whopping 568 lawyers per 100,000 people (compared to Massachusetts at 486 and New York at 142). It also has the second-highest concentration of law firms: there are 22 law firms for every 100,000 people here. So if you’re looking to pick up some legal skills and forge your own path as an attorney in California, make sure you choose a school that will prep you well for success! Start Your Search FindLaw can help you find schools near your hometown or major cities by searching our directory of accredited colleges below. You’ll be able to sort results by location and then narrow down your search based on price point or whether or not the school offers flexible class schedules . This feature is available on both mobile devices​—so get started today!

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