Best Calenadaring And Task Management App For Lawyers?

Calendaring and task management software can be a struggle for solo practitioners. Whether you’re just starting out as an attorney or have been practicing for decades, time is precious and it’s easy to waste valuable office hours on unimportant tasks that should be delegated. This leads to stress, anxiety and missed client opportunities. But it doesn’t have to be this way! With mobile devices like the iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ smartphones at our disposal, we can now use these powerful tools in our day-to-day professional lives — instead of wasting valuable time sorting through hundreds of emails each day.

The good news is that there are several excellent task management apps available today, including: Tasks (by Google); NextGen Planner (by Microsoft); iDoneThis (by Dropbox) and Wunderlist (also by Dropbox). Although they all accomplish similar things — such as organizing your daily tasks into lists that enable you to quickly see everything you need to get done — each one has unique features designed specifically for attorneys like:

1) Task creation: While most other task managers allow only basic scheduling functionality – with no ability at all to create new items –Tasks allows users create custom projects; set reminders; assign due dates; set up recurring schedules; split large projects into smaller worklists/tasksets/workstreams within the app 2) Inbox control: Each list has its own inbox which enables users not only check off tasks before completing them but

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