Best Businesses For Lawyers?

Which industries and professions do lawyers tend to gravitate toward?

In your experience, have any employers or other lawyers been unfairly biased against you because of your age? If so, what did they say to you? How should a person respond when faced with such bias in the workplace? In what circumstances should someone take legal action against an employer who has acted in a condescending manner toward them because of their age?

What steps can an organization take to ensure that all potential employees are treated equally regardless of their age or physical appearance? What is the ideal ratio between cases involving older workers and younger ones in litigation at the firm’s level (i.e., case volume over time)? What policies would make this possible for an organization like yours, based on its size and type of business operations?

Review Questions: Case Discussion

Lawyers often provide services for nonlawyers. Which tasks could be handled by paralegals instead of junior attorneys working full-time hours, part-time schedules, or only summer bar days for work outside the office if there were no conflict between client needs and court scheduling rules about how many hours one must spend preparing a case before trial begins—and if it were financially feasible to hire additional paralegals without having to reduce levels of service provided by practicing attorneys during regular working hours (or not hiring additional staff). How important is this issue given that some states already allow firms to bill clients directly for time spent doing research rather

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