Best Business Schools For Lawyers?

Lawyers who are interested in making the most of their legal education often look for law schools with competitive tuition rates, strong employment services and a solid reputation. For this reason, many lawyers choose to attend one of the best business schools for lawyers. These programs offer a rigorous curriculum that prepares students to enter lucrative careers as attorneys or managers within large corporations. Although not all law schools have business school departments, many do. Here is a list of some top-ranked programs:

Empire State College of Law & Business – Empire State College offers an Associate in Science Degree which can be completed either fully online or on campus at Albany’s Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). This program has been ranked #3 by U.S News and World Report as well as #1 by The National Jurist magazine among its peers! In addition to an outstanding academic program there is also internship opportunities offered through the school’s partnership with IBM Corp., AARP Foundation and other organizations such as NYSERDA, New York Power Authority and more! Students receive a Certificate upon completion along with industry experience from these internships so you can immediately begin your new career path after graduation! Empire State College also offers two evening degree options allowing students to graduate faster than ever before while being able to work full time during those odd hours when working professionals cannot get caught up due to children needing care or just because it may be hard finding childcare! They maintain office facilities located at

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