Best Business Holiday Cards For Lawyers?

Here are some of the best business holiday cards for lawyers:

“You can do anything if you don’t care who gets the credit.” – Peter Lynch “A good lawyer makes all things work together for his client, even if he must distort justice to make it so. A bad lawyer works against all things unless they serve his purposes.” Justice Holmes “I never forget a face, but in your case I will be happy to make an exception. You have been very cruel to me, and yet there is something about you that I find strangely attractive… In spite of everything I still love you! But what is this? Do not tell me that it is because we were born under the same astrological sign or that we share a birthday. No, there was more than that between us from the first moment we met until now… And when fate brings two people close enough in their lives to know how precious life really is—that sort of thing only happens once in a lifetime! And when such moments happen twice in one life—well then destiny has taken over completely! We have been granted another chance at happiness here on earth after having lost so much already… Oh my darling…my heart cannot survive without you by my side!” – Mr Darcy’s letter from Austen’s Pride & Prejudice “My dear Sir,” said Mr Lorry with great politeness, “I should have rejected this proposal ten times out of

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