Best Business For Lawyers And Accountants?

The price is right and the competition, while fierce, is not fierce enough. I would say that the best business for lawyers and accountants in America today is legal research. The prices are low enough to make it a profitable venture for most people who want to do it part-time or full-time from their homes. It’s pretty easy to find work as a freelance researcher these days; big law firms don’t have much use for clerks anymore because they’re using computer programs instead of paper files, which means you can hire yourself out by the piece. And there are plenty of studies saying how expensive real estate has gotten—it’s very hard to get anything high quality for what you pay nowadays unless you’re willing to fly around looking at houses in California or Florida.”

What was your first job? How did you land it? What advice do you have for kids who want jobs working with computers?

“It was an entry-level position when I started at Xerox PARC [Palo Alto Research Center] in 1970 [as] a summer intern hired through Stanford University—the fact that my college roommate had been recruited through Stanford just made the odds seem better,” says Bob Frankston , Chief Scientist in Palo Alto Networks’ Security Services group . “I arrived on campus hungry, cold and broke but worked all summer long without compensation except room & board until I’d earned $150 (in 1969 dollars). That got me into graduate school (whereupon Xerox

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