Best Business Books For Lawyers?

The book is written by a lawyer, which means it is full of legal jargon. However, I think his message can be easily adapted to the non-lawyer world because he really does make an important point that most people don’t consider: how much money do you spend on time every year? And then compare that against how much money you could be making if you did some simple things differently. That would include your daily commute and your vacation time! Whether or not the information in this book changes anything for you depends on whether or not what he says resonates with your life. I am also quite sure many of us have an unhealthy relationship with our work—it makes us feel better to get out there “in action” rather than sit at a desk all day doing nothing—but we should ask ourselves if we are spending too much time working each week while getting paid less and less each year just so we can afford more stuff.

There are other books about being a successful professional, but what stands out about Your Money Or Your Life Is it a good read even if one has no interest in law?

I found this book extremely interesting from start to finish regardless of whether or not one has any interest in law whatsoever! It was very easy for me to follow along since Mr. Taylor talks about business issues such as marketing strategies and sales techniques without talking down at anyone who may nor may not have been involved in those areas before reading it (or

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