Best Briefcases For Female Lawyers?

A: This all depends on the situation. A small purse/bag is more comfortable to carry around if you want to go out with clients or meet new people. But I prefer a briefcase because it also offers me an easy way to organize my work and files in one place, thus making everything easier for me.

Q: Is it difficult for you to choose between grey and black? What do they represent (also when choosing your favorite color)?

A: Grey represents professionalism while black brings elegance into any outfit…both are good options that can be worn by both men and women! It’s really up to personal style; what looks best on each of us is different so there’s no right answer here! One thing I would say though, is that a lot of people tend not use darker shades of grey since the shade tends to look too aged against many current fashion trends. For example, if someone wears a gray suit with a white shirt underneath it will stand out from everyone else’s wardrobe…I personally love this combo but some people think it looks too old-fashioned which may not look as great on others at first glance!

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