Best Briefcase For Lawyers?

The large, sturdy rolodex? The simple leather folio for files and documents? Or the trendy messenger bag that is easily carried over shoulder but not too heavy to lug around all day?

I have found that what you are looking for can have a significant impact on your choice. For example, when I was in law school I wanted to be remembered as someone who wore nice shoes. So I bought a pair of black dress shoes with an extra-wide toe box, coordinating wing tips and by-the-windsor cordovan loafers. Sure enough, this made me look successful in the eyes of my classmates, which certainly helped in making friends! But since then it has been proven time and again—not just by me—that the style worn does not matter nearly so much as quality does when it comes to buying clothes or accessories that are used regularly every day at work or on one’s own time outside work hours. And since you will want these items to last longer than one year (and hopefully many more), they should be chosen based on their durability rather than their fashion value today….

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