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[A] I have just bought one of these but have two questions:

(1) Is it traditional in the UK for a lawyer’s briefcase to be made from leather? I know that in America they use plastic cases, but is this so here too? And if not, why doesn’t anyone make them from genuine leather?

(2) If you buy a case from Louis Vuitton or any other high end brand, will the inside (the parts that touch your documents and files and such like) all be made of real leather as well, or will it all be synthetic (like most laptop bags)? The bag I got has felt lining on the inside and nothing else looks like leather at all, which was disappointing because even though it’s expensive (£250), my initial impression was “wow” when I opened it up! This may sound silly to someone who isn’t interested in luxury handbags….but what about me?? [B]Lawyer types tend to go for cheap knock offs…there are many options available. You can get very fine looking ones without spending much more than $100….I did! It is quite

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